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Do you work for a tech company and assume that non-profit organisations are well-intentioned but slow and outdated? 

Do you work for a non-profit and assume that tech companies are innovative but ultimately ill-intentioned?

Or maybe you work in either a tech company or non-profit organisation, and the other sector has never even crossed your mind?

If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, you should subscribe to Pass It On.

What is Pass It On?

Pass It On is a newsletter aiming to challenge these assumptions and help the tech and non-profit sectors learn from each other. I do that by publishing bi-weekly knowledge shares and guest Q&As with established leaders and rising stars from both industries.

Who am I?

I'm Lauren, a non-tech person working in tech and the daughter of a non-profit CEO. Throughout a career shifting between ad agency and startup, marketing and product development, I've always believed that extraordinary things can happen when purpose and profit come closer together. I currently lead marketing at Sana, a Stockholm-based scaleup on a mission to augment human intelligence with AI.

Why subscribe?

Pick up new tips and tricks

Whether you're interested in learning how to build more adaptive teams or improve your decision-making, Pass It On's knowledge shares will always help you put theory into practice.

Broaden your mind

Diversity fosters innovation. Listen to the voices and perspectives of those you might not otherwise meet at the (virtual) coffee machine. Find yourself surprised at what you have in common and inspired by what you don't.

Support interdisciplinarity 

The world is complex, and things are changing fast. Greater progress lies at the intersection of disciplines and methods, technology and society, purpose and profit. 

“Pass It On is accessible, relevant, and provides something new to think about every fortnight. Charity sector organisations rarely have the funds to explore new ways of working so having a resource that introduces these concepts is incredibly valuable.” — Laura, UK, subscriber since Feb 2021

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Lauren in 2019 with her father, Nik, without whom this newsletter would not exist.

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